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Since 1971 Jays Towing Service has provided the people of Northeast Edmonton professional courteous service.

Starting from a corner Shell Service Station, Jay's Towing Service offered most auto repair services which included; tune ups, oil changes, tires, brakes & towing. Jay did it all.

As times changed and the demand for skilled tow operators increased, Jay decided to pursue what he loved the most - Towing. He helped people stranded & in need armed with the cleanest best equipped tow trucks in town. With uniformed trained tow operators, Jay and his team set out to tow everyone in any weather on any day of the week.

For 40 years Jay's Towing Service has always been there. Even today, with a new owner, new trucks and new staff, Jay's Towing Service holds true to the promise of Professional Services started so many years ago. From cars to Kenworths Jays Towing Service is still going strong.

Have you considered:

When in the process of choosing a Towing Company to hire to relocate your vehicle, have you considered the following factors?

  • Are they fully insured?
    • In other words, just because your car/truck is hitched to the tow truck does not automatically mean it is insured against damage. Many people assume that it is. Unfortunately, some consumers have found out the hard way that the tow truck was insured, but not their vehicle.
  • Do they have a business license?
    • Check our Blog page for an interesting story related to this kind of thing..
  • Do they have a GST Number?
    • Lets face it, nobody likes to pay tax, but if a company doesn't have a GST registration, it's likely they aren't legitimate. Is it worth it to save the $5.00?
  • How much towing experience?
    • 15 years or 6 months. You decide which is more beneficial.
  • Want service within a couple hours, or a couple days?
    • Aside from the busy winter months, it might be important.
  • Small Business or Big Business?
    • Do you prefer to deal with the same person or an array of customer service reps? Do you support small businesses?

When shopping for the cheapest Towing Service, buyer beware..if choice is bottom price alone, you may be cutting corners.

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